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astatic by cad gooseneck cardioid
The Astatic 827A is a cost-effective, cardioid, mini-gooseneck, electret condenser microphone with a controlled low frequency roll-off, smooth mid-range, and slightly peaked upper range to give a natural sound in all applications requiring voice reproduction. The superior and uniform unidirectional pattern minimizes feedback, reverberation, off-axis coloration, background noise, and placement problems. The 827A microphone from Astatic has an extremely durable satin black finish and built-in circuitry for phantom powering. This unobtrusive gooseneck microphone is ruggedly constructed to provide years of dependable service. The 827A is supplied with a mi [...]. details
cad 900b overhead condenser
The ASTATIC 900B microphone, from CAD, has a wide, flat frequency response that provides unsurpassed, natural, transparent sound quality. It's cardioid pickup pattern minimizes annoying feedback when used close to sound reinforcement speakers and monitors, while reducing the pickup of unwanted off axis sounds. The 900B's electronics are located externally in a housing, which also contains the professional three pin male XLR connector. The 900 is attached to this with a 30 foot cable terminated with a mini three pin XLR. The 900B is finished in durable black urethane paint with a flexible PVC covering over gooseneck. The 900B features a .022 diameter ho [...]. details
cad 901r boundary condenser
The ASTATIC 901R is a superior low noise, electret condenser cardioid surface mounted boundary microphone. It has been redesigned with improved RF immunity to greatly reduce susceptibility to radio interference from GSM based cell phones, PDA/cell phones with walkie-talkie capability and other similar devices. It is ideal for use on altars, conference tables, stage floors, or television productions. The 901R's electronics features an advanced transformerless design and is self-contained to eliminate the need for mounting any external boxes. The cardioid pickup pattern minimizes annoying feedback when used close to sound reinforcement speakers and monito [...]. details
seydel hard cover case
Harmonica case made of two hard covers, the outside with a tough synthetic weave, and the inside covered with smooth cloth. The case features flexible Neoprene-like inside pockets that hold up to 20 Blues-Harmonicas stored in three racks. These cases provide great protection against scratches and dents and are additionally shockproof to avoid reed damage. Each row has a flap equipped with velcro to close the pockets, and the middle row, which holds 6 harmonicas, can be removed and then serve as an individual pouch or even a beltbag. Two additional velcro holders can accommodate two larger harmonicas (e.g. Chromatic) or long microphones (e.g. SHURE 545 S [...]. details