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reclaimed wood sculpture one with
The family gives thanks to nature for providing them everything they need to survive. People in the village are simple in nature and never look for fancy things in life. They are satisfied with what they have, which is nature, and that's what they are thankful for, says artist Suresh Pant. He elicits the intriguing design from the natural shape of Indian tun wood, discovered on his hikes in the forest. details
loving nature iii 2008
A duck takes flight, its brilliant feathers melding with sunset's fiery sky. Conjuring the evening breeze, Andrea impels bright clouds across a canvas of breathtaking drama. Nature's distinct forms of life are worthy of admiration, she says. I wanted to pay them tribute and to depict some of the things I like best in nature. Titled Amando la naturaleza II in Spanish. details
educational activities spin spider
These artful songs teach empathy toward animal life and nature and help to develop positive attitudes and feelings. This collection captures in song and story healthy attitudes toward animal life and nature. details
why life
Life Sciences; Ecology; Popular Science in Nature and Environment; Environmental Law Policy Ecojustice; Environment, general; Conservation Biology Ecology; Nature Conservation. details
nature of life iv
Lotuses blossom toward the radiant golden sunlight as Noppadon Kamkong celebrates life and nature through his art. Surrounded by bright golden hues, the mixed media composition is inspired by Buddhist dharma. Though its roots are in muddy water, its stem is sturdy and yet flexible and the flower blossoms above the water, to achieve enlightenment. details
birds as useful indicators of high
Life Sciences; Ecology; Nature Conservation; Soil Science & Conservation; Agriculture. details
conservation of living nature and
Life Sciences; Ecology; Geoecology Natural Processes; Nature Conservation. details
forest and nature
Life Sciences; Forestry; Environmental Law Policy Ecojustice; Nature Conservation; Political Science; Social Sciences, general; Biodiversity. details
Life Sciences; Biodiversity; Social Sciences, general; Environmental Law Policy Ecojustice; Nature Conservation; Fish & Wildlife Biology & Management; Popular Science in Nature and Environment. details
the contingent nature of
Life Sciences; Life Sciences, general; Ethics; Theory of Medicine Bioethics; Philosophy of Medicine; Regional and Cultural Studies; Medical Law. details
traditional forest-related
Life Sciences; Ecology; Environment, general; Social Sciences, general; Forestry; Nature Conservation; Philosophy of Nature. details
Ancient shade trees are stately at the edge of a crystalline pond. Working in shades of blue and brown, Thomas Amoako Boafo seeks to convey the true beauty and pureness in nature. What I m trying to say in this work is that we should preserve our forests because there is life there, the artist says. details
conceptual ecology and invasion
Life Sciences; Ecology; Applied Ecology; Terrestial Ecology; Theoretical Ecology Statistics; Nature Conservation. details
early life history and recruitment
Life Sciences; Freshwater & Marine Ecology; Evolutionary Biology; Nature Conservation; Animal Systematics Taxonomy Biogeography. details
still life and nature surrounding
Frangipani in a crystal vase capture Natthida's imagination. Pale petals, emerald leaves, blue sky and sunshine converge in an exquisite still life. details
from cells to proteins imaging
Life Sciences; Life Sciences, general; Cell Biology; Computer Appl. details
the great barrier
Life Sciences; Life Sciences, general; Oceanography; Environmental Management; Freshwater & Marine Ecology; Nature Conservation. details
pelagic nutrient
Life Sciences; Ecology; Life Sciences, general; Agriculture; Geoecology Natural Processes; Nature Conservation; Oceanography. details
the dual nature of
Life Sciences; Evolutionary Biology; Popular Science, general; Cell Biology. details
lake baikal and its
Life Sciences; Freshwater & Marine Ecology; Nature Conservation; Ecology. details
gene zufall
Life Sciences; Life Sciences, general; Evolutionary Biology; Popular Science in Nature and Environment. details
why i don39t call myself gay
Man is not merely self-creating freedom. Man does not create himself. He is intellect and will, but he is also nature, and his will is rightly ordered if he respects his nature, listens to it and accepts himself for who he is, as one who did not create himself. In this way, and in no other, is true human freedom fulfilled."  
- Pope Benedict XVI Daniel Mattson once believed he was gay, but no longer. Raised in a Christian family, and aware of attractions to other boys at age six, Mattson's life was marked by constant turmoil between his faith in God and his sexual attractions. Finding the conflict too great, he turned his back on God in anger and [...]. details
st francis garden
Many stories surround the life of Francis of Assisi and his love of nature and the animals. He lived his life devoted to Christ, and believed that nature itself was a mirror of God. No wonder that his image is the most popular statuary around our homes and gardens. This St. Francis statue has a base that forms a little dish that can be filled with birdseed. a natural for the garden! Also suitable for your sunroom or other special place in your home.  St. Francis Garden Statue Look of carved wood Painted in colorful hues From the popular Joseph's Studio collection Resin / stone mix 12 (H) x 4.5 (W) x 5.75 (D) inches Weighs 2.95 lbs. details
nature management by grazing and
Life Sciences; Plant Sciences; Plant Ecology; Ecology; Nature Conservation. details
Popular Science; Popular Science in Nature and Environment; Popular Life Sciences; Conservation Biology Ecology; Semiotics; Environmental Philosophy; Philosophy of Nature. details
algal toxins nature occurrence
Life Sciences; Plant Sciences; Life Sciences, general; Cell Biology; Computer Appl. details
memory in the ontopoiesis of
Philosophy; Phenomenology; Philosophy of Mind; Philosophy of Nature; Psychoanalysis; Life Sciences, general. details
amazing numbers in
Life Sciences; Life Sciences, general; Popular Science in Nature and Environment; Zoology; Plant Sciences; Microbiology. details
mango wood vase star of nature
Nature's star of life and beauty radiates the warm elegance of mango wood in a design by Saifon. She carves the vase by hand, expertly accentuating her work with lacquer. details
Life Sciences; Forestry; Popular Science in Nature and Environment; Agriculture; Statistics for Life Sciences, Medicine, Health Sciences; Mathematical and Computational Biology. details