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audio cd bali meets asia - ocean
Bali Meets Asia
- Ocean of Tranquility compiles traditional Asian melodies with crashing waves and chirping birds. Each track is orchestrated to conjure relaxation and peacefulness. . The CD features 11 tracks: 1. Putri Cening Ayu (traditional Balinese name for women) 2. The Tireless Sea 3. Juru Pencar ( Fisherman ) 4. Where the Sea Touches the Sky 5. Don Dap Dape ( Leaf of the Don Tree ) 6. Call of the Ocean 7. Indian Ocean 8. Ratu Anom (named after a legendary Balinese princess). 9. Bell Birds 10. Fly. Fly. Fly Away 11. Raga Meditation Track #1 is featured in Ni Luh Suryati's artist video. Track #5 is featured in Nyoman Naranata's artist video. Track # [...]. details
sterling silver half hoop
Always innovative, Nyoman Sukartini brings her fashion savvy to minimalist earrings. details
garnet flower earrings camellia
Velvet petals surround amethyst in earrings with modern styling. By Nyoman Rena, the feminine design depicts blossoming camellias. The gemstones total 2 carats. .925 Sterling silver. details
amethyst dangle earrings
Elegant sunflower petals surround amethyst hemispheres in earrings with modern styling. By Nyoman Rena, the design is beautiful and feminine. .925 Sterling silver. details
garnet dangle earrings peas in a
The beautiful exuberance of Balinese flora inspires the design of these earrings by Nyoman Rena. The earrings are shaped like pods where garnets blossom in translucent elegance. .925 Sterling silver. details
men39s quartz ring ancient
Sleek yet dynamic, a fluid circle of sterling silver is punctuated by a deep green quartz stone. This beautiful men's ring is the work of Bali's Nyoman Rena. details
peridot dangle earrings jungle
Crafted with the exquisite dot and swirl motifs of Bali, these sterling silver dangle earrings are handmade by artisan Nyoman Rena. Dazzling peridots add a touch of color to the exotic design. details
pearl dangle earrings sunny day
Surrounded by sterling beams, a single pearl emulates the sun. These delicate earrings come from Balinese jeweler Nyoman Rena. .925 Sterling silver. details
wood statuette gymnast couple
Strong arms support his partner as lithe acrobats perform as a single person. Poised in a difficult but graceful posture, she reaches upward triumphantly. Nyoman Karsa sculpts an abstract portrait of the human figure, capturing the sentiment within. details
sterling silver band rings
Working in 925 sterling silver, Nyoman Ariawan crafts a set of three rings with hammered textures. The shining trio is interlinked to wear together. details
pearl drop earrings sunny days
Surrounded by sterling beams, two pearl pendants emulate the sun. These delicate earrings come from Balinese jeweler Nyoman Rena. .925 Sterling silver. details
pearl dangle earrings three full
Silver moonlight radiates from luminous pearls. Set in argent circles, they become dancing dangle earrings by Bali's Nyoman Rena. .925 Sterling silver. details
peridot dangle earrings bali
With a unique geometric shape, these dangle earrings are sure to captivate and delight the eye. Balinese swirl motifs and glistening peridots decorate the earrings, which are crafted by artisan Nyoman Rena. details
peridot solitaire ring a promise
Sleek yet dynamic, a fluid circle of silver is punctuated by a faceted peridot. This beautiful, modern ring comes from Bali's Nyoman Rena. .925 Sterling silver. details
peridot dangle earrings dewdrop
Exquisite swirl and dot motifs decorate each of these drop-shaped dangle earrings. Crafted by Indonesian artisan Nyoman Rena, the earrings gleam with the glistening beauty of peridots. details
garnet hairpin tiara
A captivating accessory, this hairpin emulates Balinese traditional fashions. Nyoman Rena designs this piece which he crafts with sterling silver and beautifies with a solitary garnet gem. .925 silver. details
garnet dangle earrings heart in
Nyoman Rena shapes sterling tendrils into delicate hearts. They hang upside down to embrace a pair of faceted garnets. Ornate silver arabesques surround the gems. .925 Sterling silver. details
wood sculpture beauty of a kiss
This outstanding suar wood carving by Nyoman Karsa demonstrates the artisan's consummate ability. Displaying a man and woman engaged in a sensuous kiss, the sinuous contours convey the emotion and energy of two people in love. details
garnet dangle earrings crimson
Indonesian artisan Nyoman Rena handcrafts these exotic dangle earrings from sterling silver. Each fan-shaped earring holds a gleaming garnet at its center. details
pearl dangle earrings black
Textured leaves dance in a secret forest, brought to life as earrings. By Nyoman Rena, they culminate in luminous black pearls. .925 Sterling silver. details
pearl flower earrings rose
Nestled one inside another, three sterling hearts set the mood for romance. Nyoman Rena adds pale pink pearls to these elegant earrings. .925 Sterling silver. details
rayon sarong coral flow
Indonesian artisan Nyoman Nadri presents a new design of a delightful women's sarong. Comfortable and eye-catching, this handmade sarong features a pink and brown coral pattern that is created using a tie-dye method. details
goldstone strand bracelet golden
Goldstone's dazzling red glow is believed to bring vitality in a bracelet featuring four strands. Knotted by hand, the bracelet is designed by Nyoman Saleni to fasten with a coconut shell button. details
pearl drop earrings moonlight
Pearly moonlight bathes sterling pebbles in a radiant glow. Modern and beautiful, these earrings come from Nyoman Rena. They are affixed to slender wires. .925 Sterling silver. details
garnet dangle earrings balinese
Forever intertwined, sterling arabesques embrace 4.5 carats of sparkling garnet. Nyoman Rena crafts elegant earrings with a message of lifelong beauty. .925 Sterling silver. details
wood mask the collaboration
Combining contemporary stylizations, Nyoman Naranata carves this exquisite mask by hand from hibiscus wood. This wood varies widely in its tones and patterns, thus each mask is an absolutely unique work of art. details
pearl chandelier earrings
Nyoman Rena conjures the full moon in an ornate sterling medallion. Falling like moonbeams, luminous pearls bring their own light to original handmade earrings. .925 Sterling silver. details
garnet half-hoop earrings pretty
Nyoman Ariawan in Bali creates a regal set of earrings to adorn your outfits. Sterling silver half-hoops are hammered to reveal a textured finish. Two sparkling garnets add a touch of timelessness to this pair. details
onyx cocktail ring dark surf
Sterling waves embrace a sleek black gemstone that evokes night shadows. Featuring polished onyx, this dramatic ring is a creation of Nyoman Rena. .925 Sterling silver. details
pearl pendant necklace deepest
Nyoman Rena selects luminous brown pearls to create a necklace of exceptional beauty. Like a halo, the lovely medallion centers a sleek silver chain. .925 Sterling silver. details

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