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atomic projection
Automatically sets to the Atomic time and date. Sound-activated backlight. Projects onto wall or ceiling. Atomic clock projects the current time and outdoor temperature onto your wall or ceiling (clock has adjustable focus and rotating projection arm) for easy viewing. Wireless sensor (uses 2 AA batteries, not included) has an extended 200-ft range to capture outdoor temperatures. Also features moon phase icons, 12/24 time display, alarm clock, calendar and sound-activated backlight. Clock runs on AC adapter, included, with battery for backup (3 AAA batteries, not included.) Clock approx. 7 x 3.5 x 2.75 . details
oregon scientific weather forecast
Oregon Scientific BAR206 Weather Forecast Temperature Station forecasts the weather 12 24 hours in advance displays indoor and outdoor temperature and sets itself to the US Atomic Clock signal. details
oregon scientific advanced weather
Oregon Scientific BAR208HGA Advanced Weather Station with Atomic Time in Silver provides the weather youaposll need to know to start your day off right With the weather forecast in graphical icons youaposll never wonder if you need an umbrella again. details
talking projection alarm
Talking projection alarm clock is the fun timepiece you can enjoy. One touch of a button projects the time on your ceiling for viewing ease, and for those days you can#39;t even open your eyes a clear voice tells you the time. Requires two AA batteries, not included. Plastic, 3 1/4 x 3 1/4 x 3. details
seiko clocks advanced technology
Bedside alarm
- Digital movement, Radio controlled, Get up & Glow, LCD features automatic calendar and alarm setting, Alarm with snooze, Seiko radio controlled, R-Wave clocks are extremely accurate since it receives signals from the most accurate clock in the world: the cesium atomic clock, Two AA batteries included. details
alarm clock radio wtime
Always stay on top of your schedule with this projector alarm clock. Its large, easy-to-read LCD display with jumbo LEDs are bright without being disruptive, while the tiltable projector display shines the time almost anywhere so you don't even need to look at the clock to know there's still time to hit the snooze. Plus, the 5 different nature sounds can lull you to sleep or rouse you from slumber, and battery back-up helps ensure if the power goes out, your clock won t. details
projection dual alarm clock
Program 2 different alarms! Also with nap and sleep timers. Synchronized LED display & projection. Handy projection clock offers a multitude of sleeping and waking options. From two programmable alarms, sleep timer, nap timer, snooze function to AM/FM radio, dimmer control, auxiliary input and 1 LED display. Runs on household current with optional 2 AAA batteries (not included) as back-up. ETL listed. Approx. 7 x 2.5 x 2.5 . details
advanced atomic desktop and wall
Synchronizes automatically with the most accurate clock in the world! Just select your time zone and the advanced Atomic Clock does the rest. Also displays the month, date, day and your indoor temperature (F or C). Features 12/24 time, alarm with snooze and auto daylight savings time updates. For desktop or wall. Uses 2 AA batteries, not included. Approx. 9 x 7 . details
oregon scientific
The Oregon Scientific Thermo-Hygrometer Remote Sensor ( OR-THGR122NX ) is meant to used with various Oregon Scientific weather monitoring systems. This senor can be placed up to 100 feet away from the main display unit and collects both temperature and humidity readings. There is an on-board LCD display as well to assist with proper settings and monitoring of temperature and humidity levels. details
walnut atomic
Add a little retro to your walls with the Walnut Atomic Clock. A reproduction George Nelson design, this striking clock features polished wooden balls surrounding a steel clock face. Measures 13 diameter, takes one AA battery (not included). details
infinityitc atomic clock radio
Rest assured you always have the correct time when you choose this atomic clock radio controlled clock. details
conair voice activated alarm
Unique alarm clock uses advanced speech-recognition technology that lets the user set the time and alarm via voice commands Clock features include: time, alarm, date, temperature, etc. details
oregon scientific noaa handheld
Stay prepared with the Model WR202 Oregon Scientific Digital Handheld cracksolar paneled emergency radio. details
cube alarm clock in
This Cubic Alarm Clock makes a perfect office clock or bedroom clock. Ideal for fans of modern style, this black acrylic clock measures 4W x 4H x 3.75D inches. details
seiko bedside alarm clock
Quartz movement, Ultimate Alarm Clock
- Snooze feature resets alarm to ring again after few minutes, Black luminous hands, Black hands, Black numbers and indexes, Ascending alarm with snooze, Alarm reminder light, Constant light when alarm is set, Easy front setting alarm, Three AA batteries include. details
red cubic clock with
This Cubic Alarm Clock features a glossy red acrylic finish. Ideal for your retro office or bedroom, this red alarm clock measures 4W x 4H x 3.75H inches. details
acrylic dome alarm
The Red Dome Alarm Clock adds snazzy style to any living space or office. Great for desks and bedside tables, this round alarm clock is made of glossy red acrylic and measures 5W x 6.5H x 3D inches. details
eye-shaped retro alarm clock in
This Eye-Shaped Alarm Clock is ideal for retro rooms. Perfect for both offices and homes, this red acrylic clock features a digital alarm. Takes 1 AA battery and measures 12.5W x 4.5H x 2.5D inches. details
casio wave ceptor multi band
Self Adjusting Atomic Timekeeping performance in Multi task 200M Water Resistant cases In addition to Atomic Timekeeping stopwatch and alarm timer functionality the large LCD readout has the capability of displaying the day of the week in 9 different languages. details
magnasonic mag-mm178k amfm radio
Never go through the hassle of setting the time again! This AM/FM clock radio from Magnasonic will save you time and spare you from the hassle of traditional alarm clocks. This advanced alarm clock automatically sets the time and date and saves all your alarm settings when the power goes out. With the advanced motion activated snooze control, you’ll no longer have to search for the snooze button again. Simply wave your hand near the alarm clock and the motion sensors will automatically activate snooze! The projector on this alarm clock allows you to display the time on your ceiling or wall, so the time will always be in full view when you need it. [...]. details
atomic age style world time
Capture the tone of a retro news or war room with this elegant International Map Office Wall Clock. An impressive atomic age-style display. Made of aluminum. Quartz time on 5 D batteries (not included). Measures 20W x 15H inches. details
boutique red table top
Switch your old alarm clock with the Infinity Instruments Boutique Red Alarm Clock It features a warm red color with Arabic numbers set against an antique style dial. details
cream cube alarm
This Cubic Alarm Clock in cream is ideal for your retro living space. Perfect for bedside tables and desks, this acrylic clock measures 4W x 4H x 3.75D inches. details
nelson atomic wall
This colorful Atomic Wall Clock is covered with vibrant wooden balls in lieu of numbers. This replica George Nelson piece is perfect for anyone with an eye for modern design and makes an excellent addition to your office or living space. Measures: 13 inches in diameter. Takes 1 AA battery. details
cubic alarm clock in red design by
Cubic Alarm Clock in Red design by Newgate   Glossy red cube shaped acrylic alarm clock with acrylic lens. Battery operated. details
starry sky projector digital music
Display:Digital; Material:Plastic; Feature:Alarm,Calendar,Thermometer; Movement:LED; LED Color:Blue; Power:AAA; Product Size Approx (cm):10.2 x 8.2 x 10.4; Clock Color:White; Type:Alarm Clocks,Desk Shelf Clocks; Package Content:Clock; Battery Quantity:3; Net Weight(kg):0.175. details
yoda alarm
Wake up with the Force! This Yoda Alarm Clock looks great on any desk or bedside table. Perfect for Star Wars fans, this Lego Yoda clock features a backlit display and measures: 6.25W x 9.25H inches. details
mini quad alarm
The Mini Quad Alarm Clock is a great way to get up and at em! Perfect for walls, bedside tables, and desks, this chrome-plated clock features digital sound. Measures: 6W x 6H Inches. details
dome alarm clock in red design by
Dome Alarm Clock in Red design by Newgate Red acrylic alarm clock, convex acrylic lens. Battery operated.  HWD 7GÇ¥ x 4-+GÇ¥. details
stormtrooper lego alarm
This Lego Stormtrooper Alarm Clock makes a great gift for any Star Wars fan. Ideal for anyone who needs a little Imperial help getting out of bed in the morning, this clock features moveable arms and legs and a backlit digital display. Measures: 6.25W x 9.25H inches. details

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