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sterling silver waterfall
A cascade of tiny sterling silver beads calls to mind a woodland flume. Thai artisan Angels creates innovative jewelry designs from sterling silver ball chain. Dangling from polished silver posts, the beaded silver waterfall earrings sparkle and catch the light.925 Sterling silver. details
sterling silver brooch pin silver
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sterling silver brooch pin silver
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sterling silver dangle earrings
Delicate lacy motifs surround silver spirals in these dangle earrings from Bali's Diah Arini. The earrings are crafted by hand from sterling silver and centered with petite silver granules. They hang from sterling silver hooks.925 Sterling silver. details
silver chandelier earrings
Delicate and beautiful, lacy teardrops fall from silver earrings. Alfredo Inga demonstrates the elegance of handmade filigree in this enchanting design. He works with silver mined in the Andes. .925 silver and 1.000 rating silver. details
silver button earrings silver
Fashioning rose petals in shining Andean silver, Carmen Anocibar creates lovely earrings. .925 Sterling silver. details
silver dangle earrings glamorous
Flourishing in silver, richly-veined leaves whisper of green Thai forests. Chanatip Na Lampoon display the earrings on sterling silver hooks. .950 silver, .925 sterling silver hooks. details
sterling silver cocktail ring
Working in silver, Ani Muniz evokes the glint of sunlight on rippling water. The Peruvian designer presents a stunning handcrafted cocktail ring. Three elongated silver medallions crown a sleek silver band. .925 Sterling silver. details
silver choker captive eclipse
Peru's Sissy Bernal designs an original choker as she contrasts polished and burnished silver. She crochets fine silver threads into a trendy mesh featuring glass spheres within, creating a veritable eclipse inside a silver frame. .925 sterling silver. details
silver link bracelet butterfly
Spreading their wings like florid petals, butterflies form a fascinating circlet. Alfredo Inga's exclusive design is crafted with silver featuring detailed filigree in fine silver. .999 and .925 sterling silver. details
men39s sterling silver braided
Silver links evoke the sinuous coils of a dragon. A recurrent theme in Balinese art, dragons are considered divine. Wayan Asmana presents a sterling silver bracelet filled with legendary mystique. .925 Sterling silver. details
gold accented sterling silver
Long sterling silver earrings are reminiscent of the chains called kusari-toi that are used in Japan to divert rainwater from the roofs of temples and houses. Khun Boom crafts the dangle earrings from sterling silver, adding pebble-like sterling silver beads and tiny 24k gold-plated sterling silver nuggets. The earrings dangle from sterling silver hooks.925 Sterling silver. details
nanan bracelet for women silver
Silver, Spring
- Summer 2019, Fabric Knots, Silver Beads, Lobster Clasp, Silver 925, Cotton, Womens Jewelry: Nanan Bracelet for Women, Bracelets, Other Colors: Fuchsia, White, Available Sizes: One Size, Item Code: nan0071. details
men39s sterling silver
Silver links evoke the scales of a sinuous serpent. From Wayan Asmana, this exquisite sterling silver bracelet of legendary mystique is designed for the modern man. .925 Sterling silver. details
sterling silver half hoop
Crafted of silver cutouts, stylized clouds drift in a sterling heaven. Oscar Figueroa showcases gleaming Mexican silver in beautiful earrings. .925 Sterling silver. details
sterling silver dangle earrings
Jingling spheres dance alluringly on airy silver drop earrings. Handcrafted of sterling silver, the original design by Gianluca Anzani is inspired by traditional styles from central Mexico. .925 Sterling silver. details
silver link bracelet paradigm
Elegance and geometry merge in a sophisticated paradigm constructed by Alfredo Inga. His exclusive design is crafted with silver featuring detailed filigree in fine silver. 1000 and .925 silver. details
silver half-hoop earrings silver
Lacy hoops form earrings with feminine chic. Wadarat Supasirisuk presents smooth silver contours, crafted by hand. She works in polished 950 silver. details
sterling silver bangle bracelet
This classic silver bracelet by master silversmith and local favorite Wayan Sarjana is the perfect blend between traditional Indonesian design and contemporary silver styling. The 21 balls of silver that comprise this bracelet symbolize the planets of the universe. .925 Sterling silver. details
silver choker secret circle
Inviting meditation, silver spirals engage the eye and mind. Sasithon Saisuk translates ancient Lanna (northern Thai) design motifs into contemporary jewelry. The pendants dangle from a silver chain, crafted by hand. .950 Silver. details
silver dangle earrings thai
Evoking silver moonbeams, these elegant earrings showcase the Karen hill tribe jewelry art. Chanatip Na Lampoon presents the lovingly handcrafted design. .950 silver, .925 sterling silver hooks. details
silver chandelier earrings silver
Fanning outward like the full skirts of a dancer, floral petals form extraordinary earrings. Giuliana Valz-Gen creates the pair in silver filigree. She showcases the innate shine of her material. .925 Sterling silver. details
sterling silver pendant necklace
A simple flower in polished sterling silver is shadowed by its image in brushed silver. The original pendant design is presented on a sterling silver snake chain by Thai artisan Pichaya.925 Sterling silver. details
sterling silver choker wilderness
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silver button earrings imperial
Burnished lace gleams against the dark textures of burnt silver in an exclusive design by Alon Diller. He crafts earrings of classic beauty from the legendary Mexican silver mined in Taxco. .950 silver. details
silver chandelier earrings path
Intricate lace fills floral petals with silver fascination. By Alfredo Inga, these earrings are meticulously handcrafted. They feature the designer's hallmark pendants that move gracefully beneath. .925 silver and 1.000 rating silver. details
men39s leather and silver
Seven sleek beads of hill tribe silver center a beige leather braid. Knotting the cords by hand, Kong crafts a handsome men's bracelet. A sterling silver clasp completes the design. .950 silver, .925 sterling silver clasp. details
sterling silver collar necklace
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silver beaded bracelet sea charm
This sea-themed charm bracelet is made with Karen hill tribe silver from Thailand, a high quality silver that can be easily stamped and formed into interesting shapes. Artisan Siranya of Thailand creates this bracelet by alternating round discs of silver stamped with a fish scale pattern, textured silver cubes, and silver rope motif rings, and adds a fun starfish charm. details
silver shimmer holiday
A twinkling whirl of red and silver berries on a snow white wreath makes the Silver Shimmer Card a perfect choice for sending the merriest of wishes. Unique touches include embossed red and silver foil accents on gloss stock. details