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wool tapestry daily bouquet
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wool tapestry highland streets
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wool tapestry blue roosters
A celebration of nature, this glorious tapestry represents the cock of the rocks, an avian symbol of Peru. Master weaver Eliazar Ochoa transforms virgin wool into this splendid wall hanging. Titled Gallitos en las rocas in Spanish. details
wool tapestry sunset in manu
This wool tapestry by master weaver Walter Paucar is Velarde a true delight. Handmade with care in Peru, it depicts a sunset in Manu National Park. Manu is a huge biological reserve in the Peruvian Amazon region that features some of the richest bio-diversity in the world. Paucar celebrates this reality with in vivid colors tapestry. Titled Atardecer en el Manu in Spanish. details
wool tapestry happy macaw
This is a beautiful bird that lives in the Peruvian jungle. Its colorful feathers imbue this tapestry with a sense of happiness, confides Walter Paucar. He weaves the tapestry of genuine wool on a traditional loom with a cotton warp, in the unique San Pedro style. details
wool tapestry peaceful spring
The spirit of spring brings the color of life to this unique tapestry by Cerapio Vallejo. Woven of wool on a traditional handloom, this mesmerizing tapestry features tiny birds serenading blossoming flowers. Titled Primaveral II in Spanish. details
wool tapestry owls in the daytime
Warm earth tones define soft plumage as eight owls join one another on a colorful wall tapestry. Zosimo Laura sets the wide-eyed birds on a sunny background, portraying each one individually. Woven on a handloom, this enchanting tapestry shows extraordinary detail. details
wool tapestry flight
Soaring together in joyous colors, birds and butterflies fill the sky. The intricately woven motifs flow across a tapestry in diagonal precision. Efrain Curi works in virgin wool, woven on the handloom, to create this extraordinary tapestry. Titled Por la sierra andina in Spanish. details
wool tapestry inca inspiration
Bright, cheerful colors cover a splendid handloomed tapestry. By Dante Amaro Oscanoa, it takes its inspiration from the Inca. Such geometric forms can be found in the temples and ceremonial centers of Peru's ancient cultures. Titled Rombo incaico in Spanish. details
wool tapestry fishing eagles
Efrain Curi adapts images from the pre-Inca Paracas culture for this stunning tapestry. Depicted in silhouette, eagles catch wriggling minnows in their sharp talons. The winged fishermen in this extraordinary handloomed tapestry stand out against a fiery background. Titled Aguilas Pescadoras in Spanish. details
wool tapestry peruvian heron
Poised with a leg upon a rock, a heron admires the beauty of the Peruvian landscape. Walter Paucar transforms his art into a tribute to Peru's ecological treasures by weaving this wool tapestry on a traditional loom with a cotton warp, in the unique San Pedro style. details
wool tapestry ocean life
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wool tapestry birds in flight
Depicted against a scarlet background, birds of all colors take flight together. Each beautiful winged messenger is created in wool as the motifs take shape on a traditional handloom. This vibrant, modern tapestry comes from the Curi Brothers of Peru. Titled Aves en Pleno Vuelo in Spanish. details
wool tapestry scarlet macaws
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wool tapestry andean sunflower
By Peru's David Laura Zanabria, this dazzling tapestry takes its inspiration from the sunflowers that abound in his homeland. He works in virgin wool, adding neat raised borders in high relief around the petals. Fringe finishes the signature piece, and a display rod can be slipped through a hem at the top. Titled Sumac Huayta (Pretty Flower) in Quechua. details
wool tapestry stairway to the
Rectangles in terracotta tones form an abstract pattern that leads the eye upward like a staircase. Contemporary in its design, this tapestry is inspired by ancient Wari or Huari art. Cerapio Vallejo and his family weave an impeccable and imaginative textile. The hand-loomed tapestry features loops for hanging. Titled Wari in Quechua. details
wool tapestry nazca dawn
Francisco Huaynate Paucar celebrates the art and customs of the Nazca people with a modern interpretation. It features some of the legendary petroglyphs, such as the hummingbird and monkey, as well as fish, regarded as an essential food. Francisco creates a stunning tapestry that is filled with bright energy as colors are obtained from both natural and artificial dyes. Huaynate weaves the wool tapestry on a traditional loom in the style that has come to be known as unique to San Pedro de las Casas. The tapestry is folded on the top to form a loop for the rod (not included). details
wool tapestry world of birds
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wool tapestry palian village
Palian Huancayo is nestled in the Andean highlands, fortunate in its landscape and clear blue skies. People are renowned for their religious zeal, and their church stands like a proud testament to their faith. Francisco Huaynate captures the village's serene ambience in a colorful tapestry. Woven on a traditional loom, the tapestry exemplifies the style of San Pedro de las Cajas. details
wool tapestry wari warriors
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wool tapestry apurimac traveler
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wool tapestry a walk through
Herding llamas, a woman strides through a town in Huancayo where whitewashed homes line the narrow lane. Merchants sit by the roadside offering baskets of flowers for sale. Beneath a blue-gray sky with billowing clouds, the snowcapped Andes rise heavenward. In this hand-woven tapestry by Francisco Huaynate, it is a glorious day in Peru. I come from this region and I want you to know it through my art, he says. Titled Paseando por Huancayo in Spanish. details
wool tapestry proud young mother
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wool tapestry san pedro lilies
Calla lilies are glorious among brightly colored flowers in a fabulous tapestry by Walter Paucar Velarde. First he dyes the wool yarn in shades of purple, green, cherry, pink, yellow, blue and brown. Then he weaves the tapestry on a traditional loom featuring the relleno (stuffed) textures distinctive of the weaves from San Pedro de las Cajas. details
wool tapestry the mayor
Inspired by the legendary customs and traditions of Cuzco, Francisco Huayanate portrays a fictitious mayor of an Andean community. His gaze is stern, his stance is proud. He wears the colorful weaves of the Andes as he poses with staff in hand. Huaynate creates a life-like composition as he weaves this wool tapestry on a traditional loom. The tapestry is folded at the back for rod insertion (not included). details
wool tapestry nazca animals
Llamas, ducks and jaguars mingle with pelicans and songbirds. They grace an extraordinary tapestry, hand-woven on a rustic loom by Cerapio Vallejo. He works in virgin wool to create this colorful work of art. details
wool tapestry amazon macaws
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alpaca blend tapestry andean
Inca cosmogony inspires Rosa Pariona to weave a tapestry of admirable artistry. Working on a traditional loom, Pariona weaves powerful images that tell of nature's harmonious balance. Mountains, sea and sky are in close inter-connection with animals and the spirits of Inca ancestors. The alpaca blend tapestry features a wool warp and a multicolored blend of natural and artificial dyes. Titled Mundo andino in Spanish. details
wool tapestry herd of llamas
Dramatic cumulus clouds roll across the ruins of Sacsayhuaman, a site of unforgettable importance for the Inca culture of Peru. Their shaggy forms presented on green pasture, a caravan, or tropilla, of llamas heads towards an undefined destination. Handcrafted by Francisco Huaynate, the tapestry exalts the beauty of the woven arts. Says the artisan, Our textile art has always stood out because of the purity and joy of its colors. We maintain the tradition of the weaver from San Pedro, validating history and glorifying our textile art. details
wool tapestry bullfight in cuzco
Spectators gather around the plaza where the tradition and color of the corrida de toros
- running of the bulls
- is played out in vivid drama. This traditional Spanish pageant of valor and grace is equally vital in Peru. With brilliant color and exquisite detail, Francisco Huaynate evokes an afternoon in the Andean city of Cuzco in a soft tapestry woven by hand. Titled Corrida de Toros en el Cuzco in Spanish. details

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