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black and whites personal
Black and Whites Personal Checks feature the pen and ink artwork of Linda Barnicott. She is known for her drawings of Pittsburg which show a charm and creativity that allow the viewer to see the city through her eyes. The series of images on these checks are pen and ink drawings of amusement parks. It begins with a drawing of Idlewild Amusement Park done for the park's 125 anniversary in 2002. It continues with a threesome of drawings of Kennywood. There is one titled Laughing Through Kennywood's LeCachot , a ride that is no longer part of the park, a fountain drawing with a boardwalk and water slides in the background titled Summer Splash at Sandcastl [...]. details
sheen gems the best of fulton j
These are “Sheen Gems”
- excerpts remastered from many of Fulton J. Sheen’s Emmy Award Winning Television Programs titled, “Life is Worth Living.” Sheen’s presence and sense of drama have crossed time and distance. His words of wit and wisdom transcend the years. His eloquence portrays the sacred truth that in every human heart there is a struggle known only to the soul and God.   “We may not be able to meet in the same pew but we can all meet together on our knees in prayer.” "Christ is longing to change your life in ways more wondrous than your dreams can imagine."
- Fulton J. Sheen, Servant of God   The Vatican's Congregation f [...]. details
Pears are delicious and their colors call my attention, says Antonio Coche as he confides his source of inspiration. He paints with oils, his attention to detail remarkable in the realism that he achieves. Titled Pera in Spanish. details
wool rug hummingbird 6x95
Geometric hummingbirds hover on fields of sunny color. Working in the style of the Nazca plains, Cerapio Vallejo creates his own interpretation of the renowned geoglyphs. He weaves the precise lines on a traditional handloom, and finishes the starkly contemporary rug with fringe. Titled Picaflor in Spanish. details
Sweet and juicy, watermelons are a favorite on hot summer days. Watermelons keep us hydrated and they are very good to the system, Antonio Coche explains. He paints with oils, expertly blending realism with his unique folk art style. Titled Sandia in Spanish. details
rose ii
David da Costa works in silkscreen to create the image of a rose. His cubist style brings a singular drama to the pristine white flower. Emerald leaves add depth to the lovely serigraph print. Titled Rosa II in Portuguese. details
wool rug flower of peace 4x55
Wildflowers bloom in a sea of blue, filling the senses with their exuberant beauty. Inspiring Eliazar Ochoa, they bloom again on a handwoven accent rug. Aligned in diamonds and surrounded by birds, bright petals appear in precious symmetry. Titled Flor de la paz in Spanish. details
wool rug fire scorpion 4x55
Suggesting stylized scorpions, geometric motifs appear in mirror images on this delightful design by Eliazar Ochoa. Working on a traditional handloom, the Andean artisan demonstrates his skill as he creates precise patterns in fiery colors. Titled Tesoro escondido in Spanish. details
Painting with impassioned artistry, Jacira Baptista orchestrates the merger of forms into a surrealist masterpiece. Baptista's message is clear as she equals the feminine soul to the flowering blossom that welcomes the hummingbird. Titled Colibri in Portuguese. details
garden of the star
Discovering a beautiful garden in the cosmos, Andre de Miranda depicts its trees and flowers. A bird nests there, beneath the rays of a distant star. Linoleum block print on paper, titled O Jardim eo Astro in Portuguese. details
wool rug many masks 6x85
Masterfully woven by hand, this dazzling rug depicts many masks. Cerapio Vallejo works in tones of orange and salmon, cooling his wool palette with green and brown. His inspiration comes from ancient Inca art. Titled Tocapu Inca I in Spanish. details
wool rug bird wedding 2x3
Stylized birds nestle in pairs to represent the union of marriage. Working in verdant color, Cerapio Vallejo weaves an enchanting accent rug. The hand-loomed virgin wool shades from tan to green. Titled Matrimonio in Spanish. details
bronze sculpture lying madonna
Lying on her side, a woman's sinuous body forms an S. Jaqueline Cavalcanti discovers an extraordinary sentiment in bronze abstraction. Smooth and supple, the person is presented as a female archetype, titled Madona Deitada in Portuguese. details
Jacinta Baptista celebrates feminine beauty and soul through her unique artistry. Stylized images merge into a violin and vanity dresser, an analogy of surreal implications. Baptista's art is delicate and precise yet demanding of strength and attitude. Titled As violinistas in Portuguese. details
wool tapestry seagull sky
Seagulls soar through the clear blue sky in this beautiful hand-loomed tapestry. Nilda Amaro captures the freedom of the flock as she creates a realistic scene in virgin wool. Titled El vuelo de las gaviotas in Spanish. details
bronze sculpture curves
Curving seductively, a sheet of polished bronze poses on a granite base. Sinuous lines perforate the airy work. Lucia Prata transforms the severe geometry of unyielding materials, conferring upon them a magical lightness of being. Titled Curvas in Portuguese. details
bronze sculpture the thoughts
A standing figure wraps his head in one arm, turning slightly, deep in thought. Jaqueline Cavalcanti evokes the intensity of his introspection in the smooth contours of bronze. Modern and subtle, the sculpture is titled Os Pensamentos in Portuguese. It stands on a granite base. details
wool rug calendar 2x3
Icons describe six months, each depicted on a neat geometric grid. Bright colors glow on a warm background of peach and terracotta. Expertly woven by Cerapio Vallejo, this elegant rug interprets Inca cosmogony. Titled Calendario Inca in Spanish. details
bronze sculpture the couple
Cheek to cheek, a couple sighs in silent bliss, losing themselves in the moment. Accentuating their intimacy, Flory Menezes adds subtle shine to the play of light and shadow as she creates the signature piece in bronze. Titled O casal in Portuguese. details
bronze sculpture sunbather i
I was inspired by the biotype of the Brazilian woman, sensual and feminine, who pampers herself under the sun, says Jacqueline Cavalcanti as she confides her source of inspiration. The bronze sculpture features an oxidized finish to accentuate the esthetic lines of this sensuous piece. Titled Banhista I in Portuguese. details
bronze sculpture in balance
Gymnasts find a perfect equilibrium in the poetry of lithe bodies. Emne Al-Haje portrays their grace in an elegant sculpture. Reducing the bodies to clean, simple lines, she captures the essence of their posture in bronze. Titled Em Equilibrio in Portuguese. details
bronze sculptures in love pair
Reaching toward one another, a couple conveys latent passion and hot desire. Jaqueline Cavalcanti explores their passion in an abstract tribute to devotion. Gleaming bronze distinguishes the woman, whose body can fit into the embrace of the dark bronze man. Titled Enamorados in Portuguese. details
bronze sculpture kneeling man ii
Serenely introspective, a figure kneels with head lowered. Lucia Prata creates a powerful sculpture in bronze, with smooth, flowing line and extraordinary sensitivity. Titled Homem de joelhos II in Portuguese, the work is mounted on a granite base. details
banana tree
Ripening before our eyes, bananas entice in a vivid painting. Bananas are one my family's favorite fruits and in Guatemala we have so many different types, says Antonio Coche. Painting with oils, he creates a composition of admirable realism. Titled Banano in Spanish. details
wool tapestry mandolin
Working in a cubist style, W. Rojas Yuri depicts a pensive musician who plucks the strings of a mandolin. Warm colors envelop the woman in an elusive melody. The artisan creates a masterful tapestry on the Andean handloom. Titled Mandolina in Spanish. details
bronze sculpture silhouette of a
Tall and willowy, a slender woman seems to dance as she stretches lithe limbs. Jaqueline Cavalcanti depicts her slender curves in smooth bronze. Titled Silhueta de Mulher in Portuguese, the sculpture is feminine and sophisticated. details
wool tapestry blue roosters
A celebration of nature, this glorious tapestry represents the cock of the rocks, an avian symbol of Peru. Master weaver Eliazar Ochoa transforms virgin wool into this splendid wall hanging. Titled Gallitos en las rocas in Spanish. details
saint michael
Wielding a flaming sword, the archangel Michael gestures toward the heavens. He stands on the vanquished demon Lucifer in a barren, prehistoric landscape. Working in the style of the Cuzco school that replicates colonial masterpieces, Americo Tinoco depicts the angel in a luminous, reverent and beautiful work. Titled San Miguel in Spanish. details
bronze sculpture wave
Exploiting the rigidity of bronze, Lucia Prata discovers the paradox of graceful curves and airy line. Quite unlike her previous works, this sculpture augers a new phase for the artist. Minimalist and precise, it nonetheless exudes a refined sensuality. Titled Onda in Portuguese. details
wool rug labyrinths of fire
Cerapio Vallejo weaves a tantalizing labyrinth that invites the viewer into a journey through history. Inspired by Peru's Wari art, the rug reveals its characteristic logic, structure and stylized geometry. A fiery palette of virgin wool is transformed into an Andean masterpiece. Titled Wari in Quechua. details

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