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black and whites personal
Black and Whites Personal Checks feature the pen and ink artwork of Linda Barnicott. She is known for her drawings of Pittsburg which show a charm and creativity that allow the viewer to see the city through her eyes. The series of images on these checks are pen and ink drawings of amusement parks. It begins with a drawing of Idlewild Amusement Park done for the park's 125 anniversary in 2002. It continues with a threesome of drawings of Kennywood. There is one titled Laughing Through Kennywood's LeCachot , a ride that is no longer part of the park, a fountain drawing with a boardwalk and water slides in the background titled Summer Splash at Sandcastl [...]. details
melusina the fugitive 2000
In this amazing original painting by Brazilian artist Rui de Oliveira, a fantastic composition features the fantastic image of a woman floating away from a castle, cradling a baby in her arms as she ascends over a moat towards a red sky. Rui paints in a characteristic, expressionist style, using acrylics alongside engraved designs. This composition tells the traditional French tale of Melusina, a queen who had the lower body of a snake. When her husband discovered her secret, she fled from the castle with their baby. The artist presents this painting, which is used to illustrate the literary account by Ana Maria Machado, titled Melusina, Dama dos Mil P [...]. details
god of birds
The god of birds soars through the sky regal and celestial, his ample wings protecting all the species within his realm. Peruvian artist Theus creates a mystical being through his unique art and a wonderful palette of oil paints. Titled Dios de las aves in Spanish. details
august second 2011
To me, sunflowers are the most beautiful of all the flowers. That's why August is my favorite time of the year, it's when they are in full bloom in Peru, says Theus, who explains the title of the painting is reference to the day he painted it. Titled Dos de agosto in Spanish. details
from the unknown 2005
Kiro contemplates the cosmos in bright colors from a unique perspective all his own. The Milky Way can be seen above a mountain range with motifs from our pre-Inca cultures, he explains. Beneath, geometric patterns inspire our immense pampas. Titled Desde ignotos in Spanish. details
sunny sunday 2010
Bright summer days bring the promise of fun at the beach, inspiring this composition by Antonio Marquez. Painting with oils, the Peruvian artist portrays a woman and her son enjoying a Sunday holiday by the sea. Titled Domingo de sol in Spanish. details
flora 2011
Covering the canvas in shades of orchid, Lilliana Guzman depicts a glorious blossom. Golden sunlight caresses blue petals in an exuberant floral expression. Titled Flor in Spanish. details
encounter ii 2013
Seen as abstract images, lovers meet, drawn together in a moment that seems eternal. Working in grey and icy white against a background of passionate crimson, Urbano seems to literally freeze the image in time and space. Titled Encontro II in Portuguese. details
giraffes ii 2015
A master of realism, Alberto Herrera depicts inquisitive giraffes against a calm blue sky. The creatures seem peaceful in their African savanna home. The Peruvian artist conveys their unique beauty in oils on canvas. Titled Jirafas II in Spanish. details
sheen gems the best of fulton j
These are “Sheen Gems”
- excerpts remastered from many of Fulton J. Sheen’s Emmy Award Winning Television Programs titled, “Life is Worth Living.” Sheen’s presence and sense of drama have crossed time and distance. His words of wit and wisdom transcend the years. His eloquence portrays the sacred truth that in every human heart there is a struggle known only to the soul and God.   “We may not be able to meet in the same pew but we can all meet together on our knees in prayer.” "Christ is longing to change your life in ways more wondrous than your dreams can imagine."
- Fulton J. Sheen, Servant of God   The Vatican's Congregation f [...]. details
remembering great moments
Music seems to emanate from a composition. By Marisia Salomao, it superimposes violins and guitars at rest upon one another in a colorful ambience of memories and imagination. Titled Recordando grandes momentos in Portuguese. details
The colorful houses of a Guatemalan village appear like a mirage, their sturdy architecture becoming a blur of colors. Lilliana Guzman paints with acrylics creating a composition of abstract stylizations. Titled Caserio in Spanish. details
watering the flowers 2014
As mother teaches her daughter to water the flowers, there exists so much love in this every day action. Goga paints with acrylics, every determined brushstroke completing this inspiring and amazingly tender composition. Titled Regando flores in Portuguese. details
revealing my sweetness 2015
Glistening with freshness, freshly-picked grapes offer their succulent sweetness. Emmanuel lovingly portrays the fruit of the vine with a realism that evokes its fragrance and flavor. Titled Mostrando mi dulzor in Spanish. details
Succulent and juicy, oranges share their sweet fragrance in this beautiful painting by Antonio Coche. The ripe fruit fills the canvas with color. Titled Naranja in Spanish. details
enchantment of a dream 2012
Yellow butterflies alight on summer trees while birds serenade bright mandalas. Evoking a sensation of peace, this fanciful work by Kika Sevn is dreamlike and beautiful. Titled Encantos de um sonho in Portuguese. details
blue flowers 2018
Working with tones of blue, red, and green, Brazilian artist Goga paints this lovely composition. Floral vines climb towards the sky against stripe of blue in a characteristic cubist style. Titled Flores azuis in Portuguese. details
rays iii
My compositions reveal my imagined cosmos, Heloisa Pires Ferreira says about her art. Working with metal engraving techniques, she conjures images that invite admiration and subjective interpretation. Titled Raios lll in Portuguese. details
my forest
Sutianto's energetic brushwork mirrors his concern for the environment in this powerful composition. Forests are the lungs of the earth, and they re becoming narrower and narrower each day, says the concerned artist. Titled Hutanku in Bahasa. details
couple hugging
With his arm over her shoulder, a man and a woman sit close together as they watch the world go by. Bruno Ccopa reveals their presence through a flurry of warm earth hues as he paints this composition with acrylic on canvas. Titled Pareja abrazada in Spanish. details
gold i 2014
Speaking a language of abstraction, Urbano invites the viewer on a journey of the senses. The Chilean artist explores hot colors through intense red and rich gold. His shapes are not explicit but they evoke a myriad sensations, as though seen in a dream. Titled Ouro I in Portuguese. details
the magic 2012
A hummingbird hovers amid fragrant flowers while butterflies revel in their freedom. Kika Sevn invites the mind to rejoice in this magical work filled with colorful mandalas. Titled A magia in Portuguese. details
portrait of man 2008
This painting is from my Nudes and Portraits series, where clear lines and color prevail. This composition portrays a handsome man, sitting poised and relaxed, explains Peruvian artist Mishelle Ramos. Titled Retrato de hombre in Spanish. details
Using a surrealist style, Brazilian artist Ricardo Siccuro paints this composition that depicts the feminine form of a mermaid. The mermaid is formed of red and grey ribbons that intertwine together for a striking look, framed by abstract designs. Titled Sereia in Portuguese. details
A cattle rancher goes out to the fields. There a spotted calf watches while he milks a gentle cow. Gerardo de Sousa pays homage to regional Brazilian culture and history as he depicts fertile farmland. All is peace in the countryside. Titled A ordenha in Portuguese. details
A purple and an orange tulip find their fragmented reflections in this admirable painting by Marilurdes. The Brazilian artist mixes a warm and intense palette of oil colors that masterfully energize her composition. Titled Tulipas in Portuguese. details
solar system
Expanding circles conjure a galaxy in bold primary hues. By Heloisa Pires Ferreira, this dazzling etching defines a universe of color. Titled Sistema solar in Portuguese. details
gregory 2011
His smile is captivating, his gaze clear and questioning. Maria Leon depicts a charming little boy she names Gregorio. Dressed in a warm sweater and chullo cap with earflaps, he is one of the children who study art with the artist and her foundation. Titled Gregorio in Spanish. details
Quick brushstrokes capture the rush of emotions felt by these young men as they soar through Brazilian waters on their windsurf boards. Painting with acrylics, Luiz Badia masterfully captures the essence of this captivating sport. Titled Vela in Portuguese. details
woman sleeping
Lost in slumber, a woman rests after a hard day's work. My intention with this painting is to transmit a contrast between colors, says Bruno Ccopa as he paints with acrylics on canvas. Titled Mujer durmiendo in Spanish. details

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